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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  June 29, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> straight ahead, dozens dead after a coordinated terror tack in the dramatic new video every thv bomb plot unfolding inside the airport. why it's raising fears worldwidr about the reach of isis and how the presidential candidates are responding. plus, dangerous weather froo coast to from the flooding in one major league dug out to a crushed carr in a d.c. suburb. subur we'll have a look at motherr nature's fury and a look ahead d at what to expect for the for t july 4th get away. and later, are dc drivers really the worst? a new study shows we're definitely in theel break down lane.ane. wait until you see where the yow nation's capital ranks and why w it really might not be oureur fault.ul good day at 9a starts now. ♪ owe, my gosh, how many times ata day do you say that? tha >> for the last four and a halfh hours as a matter of >> oh, my gosh. le
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wednesday.dnes good day d.c.good d just after 9:00 o'clock.. june 29th is the date. man the month is rounding out.. >> >> i'm holly morris alongsideone erin, maureen and steve.steve. wisdom enjoying little time offm >> ahead this morning, proof, pf good day is getting attention. weather it's right kind or not r must be for debate we'll showho you our hbo name drop coming upg later much it's a good one. one >> it is ahhh. >> one of my favorite shows.e s. >> i know. >> do you watch it? i >> i don't.>> i don't. >> i don't watch it.on't >> it's very funny.. >> very cleverly written and totally irreverent.ent >> good day d.c. officiallyll official right now. >> we made it. wmade >> yes. >> we'll share it with youha coming up later let's get to tht headlines this mning here and around the world iw the breaking news comes froms f turkey. the death to there climbing clib this now stands at 41 people.. killed another 147 injured.. now, that death toll includes 22 turkish citizens, 13 foreigners still waiting to hear on theon
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dulles international airports. we're wondering if there are ana noticeable change there is, mel >> reporter: surprisinisgly noyn noticeable changes. occasionally they will do thingl that are little bit more high hg profile but here we're not n seeing anything out in public. i that doesn't mean there aren't any changes or perhaps it meansm that the security is as high asa it's going to get already and they just continue theirtinu the increased vigilance much we canc tell you that in new york and new jersey authorities therehe have said that their are a portt travelers can expect to see more officers on patrol and occasionally see some officers c with tactical weaponry and somem people here have told us they'v' seen early on maybe a couple officers with guns occasionallyo i've seen that also at national airport officers that areatre heavily armed or with dogs or patrolling the airport on bicycles.bicy so those things do happen, but airport authority and tsa a ts doesn't make a big deal out of telling people what they are why going to do or whether they area doing any sort of reactionary
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response here at the airports tt a terror alert but we can tell n you that the state departmenttmt just on monday told people notet to travel to southeastern turket and that was part of an extension of the worldwidede travel alert that was issuedasd back in march.arch letting people know they reallyl do need to be careful there is e this increased threat around tht world for internationalonal travelers.avelers. just reminding them to avoidvo large crowds, to also be in contact with local authorities and be aware of local eventsnt really telling them to be careful at sporting events,vent theaters, transportationatn systems, marks, public venues vs where people congregate.. i talked to just a few minutes t ago a gentleman here who travela on international business.iness he used to live in turkey. tke he goes back and forth.orth he's supposed to be there inthei another two weeks. w as you would expect, basically,y he was saying that they're noth' going to change the way thatay a they do things in his he loves turkey.y
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wonderful place. place. but the one thing that from an experienced traveler's perspective he told us he feelss like they need to do more security here at these airports, that there should be perhaps an increased perimeter all of us af who came in here to the airporto this morning pretty much rolledd right up the toll road, park p right in the parking lot, camee in. in. you can get as close to any of n these lines and securitysecury checkpoints as you want to.o and i think that is a little lit concerning to some folks and to thinking maybe they would be okay if local police perhaps did random car checks or hadad security checkpoints for cars cs coming into the airport accesss roads. so who knows? that could be the way things are going but for now, i got to tell you guys it looks to me like a pretty normaa here at dulles internationalnatl airport. >> it's tough, mel, i took two flights on monday i heard more r passenger complaints about aco flight that was literally 10 10 minutes delayed than anybody that was concerned about,rned ao upping, any type of security ory terrorism here in this country
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that we want to get where wehe w want to get when we want to beab there and i know that it's veryr small price to pay but you wantw from the perspective that is a yoman's job to put more securitr in there if you're talking about beyond the perimeter. >> reporter: yeah, but i do do think that there is for is f travelers and i know we heare ha this all the time, right, it's ' maybe a big show or a false a fe sense of security, but i think it can be a deterrent in way inw when do you see that beefed upbu presence. when you see that prthere arere people here willing and ready and able to protect passengers.r you see it all the time when you travel internationally.onal you just don't see it here.. >> mel, i do want to ask youo au before we let you go. one of the other things wes w talked about as far as visual vl things you saw and i saw this ti last time i was at dulles. duls. you saw officers with largerthge weapons walking to me that's a great deterrenter because when i see, you know,u k just seeing that makes me think, okay, i don't want to messes around here. have you seen that this morning? >>
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not.not now, there were other crews thar were here earlier this morningni in the six, seven, 8:00 o'clockc hours earlier than 8:00, they0,e saw i but we've been here for severalr hours now have not seen anythi anything. >> okay . >> -- to see how far out it o extends.exte we're used to the security within the airport.thin air >> right.>> rht. >> but how far out are you goino to start to see a preseutnce. >> first on fox5, former fairfax county leave adam torres out of jail. this is exclusive video of himfh leaving prison earlier this morning. last week torres was sentencedtc to year behind bars for the shooting death of john gear. in 2013, torres shot gear in the doorway of gear's springfield home.. while responding to domestic doc dispute call. gear was unarmed and witnesses s even say he had his hands up. torres had already been locked e up for more than 10 months at sentencing the judge gave him ge credit for that time served.. and happening today as west virginia continues to recover rr
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help from here local system hed headed that way.he volunteers at wheaton rescuecue voted to donate one of its recently retired ambulances toas clay county. official there is had pleadedhal for help after one of its ambulances was destroyed in that flood.fl the donated ambulance leftce lef montgomery county earlier thishs this morning. wild winds, heavy rains blee through the area last night. in the aftermath clean up for uf residents this mor in silver spring a man's car waw crushed by a falling tree.alli t annie yu is in the damage damag marveying the damage for us thia morning. how is it looking now, annie?n >> reporter: hey, well things tg are certainly moving out here a a very said dee good pace.oo pac i just got off with pepco againa and they tell us that they areta now going to be re-energizingeni the lines out here in this neighborhood in this culled did he sack area one of two majoraj areas hit yesterday.terd pepco says they responded topond more than 12,000 calls since tht storm rolled through the region. and just a handful of homes hom remain we're talking about
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households or so. oro. this is one of their biggestigst projects right now on burntur ember drive in silver spring this is where that vehicle you u just mentioned was crushed by a tree that fell crews have beenee out here all night because there were wires in the roadwayay obviously very dangerous and sos a crew was out here when we got here this morning wi saw them and then they sent out an additional crew to restore this power pole that you'ret you looking at right now.. so they put new one up and now a third crew has moved in and thea will be resetting the lines sois the goal is to get everyonee restored by noon today which isi a big relief for the residentsin here who have been without pow power. and so there were, you know,w, widespread storm damage across s silver spring but we are told td that this area was the hardest hit. we were out here last night wer actually have video of thatf tha vehicle to give you an idea of the scene there a large treeare just uprooted and came crashingn down on a truck.ruck thankfully there were no w n injuries. that car was not the only one hit. neighbors tell us two others usw were hit by trees but not
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bad.bad. high winds took down the wires.s obviously a lot of trees downred limbs everywhere. every it's just a mess. just ss and so we have seen residentsesd out this morning sort of doingtd you know what they can to cleann up. up. they haven't been able to leavee some are working for home and a some just trying get whateverhae they can picked up but it's very active out here. he. very loud, and it's nice to seeo that pepco is out here and thent pacing of this has been veryeeny very good. back to you in the studio. t sti >> all right, annie, thank you. so of course the bigse the g question this morning, is anyg,y more severe weather on the way w if you're planning holidayolid weekend get away, raise yourr hand. what will mother nature have in store for you? tucker has alluce the details.. hey, tuck. tk. >> promising start to the day and sunny, bright and beautifuli that is the word of the day. day as we are looking at much improved conditions after theert day deluge we had around heree yesterday.sterday. parts of the area dealt witht wt pretty heavy 75 in nice start to your morning. morg humidity falling off 66%. 66% th
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and northwest at 10 to 15 and that will deliver a gorgeousa re afternoon.. satellite/radar nice and quiet.t high pressure off to our northur and west.dest. and again we're looking at nicen breeze around here that willil keep things dry for the t 84 for your wednesday.nesd. doesn't look just nice it lookst spectacular not so humid that'ss the reason why it will bet wille spectacular.ecta dry afternoon for you.rnr y you'll have do come back. we'll talk weekend forecast,ore, holiday weekend in just an just minute, guys.mite, i'll toss it back to you >> we weren't the only onesnly s stuck with the heavy rain lastaa night. want to look at video fromeo colorado right now. rightow going to blow your mind. m this is the rockies game. gam there's a lot of rain last nig night. but they also got a healthy dozz of so this was the delay. >> it doesn't look real.k r >> this was the delay for theder rockies and blew jays last l night.nit. the severe storm rolled throughg the ground field had to shovel the e ice out the outfield.utel the game was delayed for almosta three hours.the ho first pitch happen about 9:20. blue jays went on to roll.
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hard clearing snow and ice fromo the field or hail and ice from f the field and watching their team lows. >> oh, hail no. >> probably worried about theirt cars in the parking lot too, t with all that hail. hai >> all right. still ahead at 9:00, tough on terror. how the presidential candidatesa reactioned to the terror attackk in turkey out on the trail. tral >> later talking about rainingui on your parade the nats top prop spec finally takes it's mound m first game ever in the majors mj and man was he good. goo and then the skies opened up. u we'll talk about it.ut we'll give you a sneak peek of the team's upcoming give aways, too. >> he's a big guy. >> 9:12. z212lz zi0z y212ly yi0y
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y212my yi0y >> 9:00 veep. let's get to the campaign trailt both donald trump and hillary clinton reactioned to the deadly terror attack in turkey. >> the candidates have very different views on how to handle threats from terrorists. fox's jackie ibanez has thd e vy latest. >> reporter: presidentialrede candidates hillary clinton andln donald trump are offering upin their own solutions after theere terror tack in turkey.. trump called fort us to bring tb back water boarding foroardinor interrogations.ogatn which is considered a form off torture.rtur >> we had another suicide bombing istanbul, turkey, many, many people killed.le many, many people injured. folks, there's something goingoi on that's
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>> clinton released a statementa saying u.s. should increase itsi cooperation with middle easterna countries to fight terror. >> meantime, the former fmer secretary of state is nowow reaction to go the house theou benghazi committee's reporttteer which was released the report does not directlyir blame clinton for the 2012012 attack in libya. >> i understand that, um, after, more than two years and $7 million spent by the benghazi committee out of taxpayer fundss it had to today report it had i found nothing. nhi >> reporter: republicans stillti aren't letting clinton off the hook. >> hillary clinton lies.ies. she lies all the time. te. she lies about e-mails.ails. she lies about secret meetingsts in the state department withentt donors to the clinton foundation while she's secretary, she liesl about secret speeches that she refuses to reveal to goldmanoldm sachs. sa >> reporter: clinton will bee holding fundraiser today on the west coast
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new england will he'll hold fundraisers as well.s in new york, jackie ibanez, foxx news. ne 9:17 is our time root now.r beat cans sr. that's what what vice-president joe biden and wife jill plan to help otherth do's. today they're hosting an eventn called the cancer moon shockho summit. there will be discussion on cancerwi research and preventio. this is close to the biden's's heart since their son buy diedoy from brain cancer last year. spending bill meantime thate provide $1.1 million to fight fg zika virus blocked by senateyen democrats who say republicanslia sabotaged the legislation with politically charged provisions.i this could raise the possibilitt that no nehew money will beil available to fight the disease s as the mosquito season isn i underway.deay now, zika is to blame for br another athlete's decision toiso not go to brazil in the olympicp jay san day golfer says he's not going to a 10 the summer gamesms because of virus. another golfer rory mcilroy thet zika viru
9:18 am
from competing in rio.. which led me to realize they are playing golf in the olympic. 1904 was last time they had golg in the olympic. >> how many people will tune inn for it. i >> give somebody else a chanceea to get a medal. >> silver/gold kind of.d >> gold plated. p so we've learned.e've lea >> i know. >> really?>> >> yeah. >> we did that story --- >> it's not all gold. it's like one point 2% gold and that's actually for just liketie the plate and 99-point somethi something% is recycled meres and -- >> x-ray trace.race >> imagine what the athletesnehs feel. >> that's not why you're nots competing. >> has nothing to do with theotg fact i'm not coord tinate. coo >> erin is not going to rio. >> i would choose gymnastics ifs i had a choice.. >> time now 9:18. 9:1 how loophole in d.c. law could make drone deliveries aerie possibility sooner than youer tn think plus hbo name dropping the
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washington, d.c.ashing we'll check out some of thechso other stories making headlines.s say our name.e >> and later, kevin is playingla the name game in fact with samuel l. jackson and actuallyct he's got little quiz for us toot which means you as well. so don't go anywhere.
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♪ they go ooh ooh. hey! ♪ ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ yeah. ♪ ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪
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, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down. ♪
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9:21 right now. let's check on what else is making had he lines this morni morning. >> the day of action comes less than thee week afterac america's dead low yesterday shooting ines orlando here in d.c. congressman eleanor holmes norton holding ao round table with d.c. police ane five residents affected by gungu violence.ol the focus of the round tablend will be on congressionalesal legislation to close the schools -- the gun show loophol i should say. one person was injured threeedhr others missing after two trainsn collided in texas.llid flames from the crash haverash v delayed the search for the forhe crews believe they are actually stuck in that wreckthage. officials are trying to figure f out if new safety technology was present on the rails. several 48 train carriers crier pledged to meet 2018 federal deadline to use positive trainea control technology.. it monitors trains and authorndo mackly slows a stopped train ini danger of colliding d.c. might have strict laws by flying by fy drones but it looks like rolling drones will be coming to the t city.ty starting this september theseeme little rolling robots will begin
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delivering packages throughout p the district witach mostt deliveries expected to cost only a dollar per trip. using drones means some deliver will now be available 24/7 24/ instead of just during regular business hours.ou the jury is still out on that one. one. mark zuckerberg's neighbors ines hawaii are not too happy withapw him. they do not like the rock wall he is having built at hist his property. one neighbor says the wall looks zuckerberg spokesperson says th rock wall is designed to reducee highway and road noise andisand follow all rules and regulatio regulations. yeah, right. and finally, a pretty cool o shout out for good day d.c. yesterday veep star montgomeryvs county nativtae julius louie degree fuss post add clip of tht season five finale the hbo hit t on her facebook page. pag check it out! >> just wanted to check in on you.u. good lord. are you wearing eye make up i just did that good day d.c. segment earlier today. what?at >> on your face you look you l
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you look --u lok -- >> healthy. heahy. >> healthy. hea >> you know what i say to this i we can officially put us on the board.board yes. good day d.c. officiallyiall that was parter of the veepof season five finale which aired a sunday night on hbo. h >> we love you. y >> it's a dc thing. tng >> it's not good day chicago.. >> i am so -- so >> i'm the only one thatnly ont actually watches the show on our >> did you watch that. t >> it's on my dvr. i my it's on late.n l so i can't. so >> i'd say you have a surprise e coming. >> i know. know >> spoiler. >> i'm not going to tell myot g husband because we do watch itte and i want him to be surprised.s >> see if he picks up on it. it. >> let's listen to this. i did that good day d.c. segment earlier.r >> love it. >> if you don't watch the show s you should watch it. it's >> i trust your sense of humor.m i need to check out. o >> it is so irreverent we laugh outloud a more. m >> i thought it was more ofught drama. i didn't know it was comedy. >> oh, no.>>o. >> i would have thought withh julie louie dreyfuss it wo
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have been a bee >> it's so funny. the writers are amazing. azi watch it, watch it, watch it. >> love i didn't feel they have great taste. >> they pick the right show to reference. >> they wanted to be accuratee g9:25.:2 we'll get a glimpse in theli future for the nationals.atiols last night we had glimpse thatmt are new future when knew pitcher louis took to the mound. don't go anywhere we got youot u cover. cover. >> first let's have the debateat start. st this morning we've got a new n study showing that d.c. mightig not deserve the blame for havinv such bad drivers.. but whose fault is it really? rl >> later a piece of hollywood live on good day d.c. d.c you're not going to want to miss the top of the 10a. we'll just say it has somethingt to do with this movie.ov >> i ain't afraid of no ghost. >> ♪ ♪ >> are you wearing eye make cupi >> i did that goo good day
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segment earlier today.od >> with this on your face you fy look different. >> you look -- >> healthy?
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♪ that's one of my least favoritee songs in history.istory >> really? >> i know everybody loves me. it greats me. i don't know why.. >> it will be like maureen flowo rider i get it. >> every day for every song thag
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>> no you're tom cochran has no other songses but he does. doe don't want to get everyone angrg here. >> everybody has got one, righti you just like -- it just rubs ms the wrong >> that's your song? >> kind of annoys me.oys m >> didn't as cat flats do >> and that star ship song. s the city -- we built this city.y >> oh, yeah.. >> those are my two. top two.. >> those are karaoke songs. son >> are you about to demonstratee those. >> it's not happy hour yet.ppy t >> d.c. drivers which is inspiring the tom cochran song there, are definitely the breakk down lane from allstateom allste insurance out of 200 americanria cities rated we're number >> we could have been worse.or. >> thank you. tha thank you, city.anyou, good perspective but not much worse. worse. but it might be virginia and and maryland drivers who arers who e actually to can you believe that? here's a break down of the nation's worst drivers at 197 washington, d.c. followed by baltimore at 198
9:30 am
worcester and boston massachusetts at 199 and 200.nd0 that's a lot of bad drivers inri the area.e a part of dc's problem traffic tra volume i talk about that everyhe morning. nearly 2 million vehicle tripsri per day in dc streets 1.3 million commuters use d.c. streets each weekday on average more than 80 traffic accidentset happen daily in d.c. and from 2012 to 2013, there were get get this 37,884 crashes in d.c. that is a lot of traffic >> that's why you have your jobu >> exactly.> (laughter).(laugh >> thank you holly. t y job security right there.. and two of three vehicles beingb driven in d.c. come from anotheo jury dick.jury dk. 37% of crashes involve dcc drivers. 31.5 crashes involve marylandolm drivers holly and 12.7 involve virginia drivers, steve. our neighboring states s contribute to our low driving scores. nidriand and virginia drivers combine nearly half of theof the accidents in d.c.
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>> whatever. wteve >> now here's what you reallye'y want to know.nt who are the nay nation's best drivers have that would be havet brownsville, texas.. >> not lot of cars on the road.a >> no stop >> at number one kansas city,s kansas. they're kind so they take theirt time.time and madison wisconsin at numberm two and i will say moving here fromro tennessee, i've never goingo honked out after three years ofs driving in nashville you don't n hear a horn around here. >> you lay on it. >> you're on the gas if that light turns green.. >> drives here are -- yeah. >> they're in hurry.hey're in hr they have a t ing on. >> midwest cities, what doess, w that tell you.that >> every time i feel traffic iss really bad here and the drivess are really bad, i go to anotherr city. get out of this lane.e. >> i'm going to say this.s. in chicago i think the drivershi are pretty darn good. >> really? >> because you drive through all these adverse conditions, the thick snow get all kinds of thee wind. wind i think people general until myl opinion are better drivers and i experienced her.perienced he >> d.c. is melting pot, though. >> it is
9:32 am
>> back here from indiana. >> no one in d.c. understands ut the traffic circles. i don't understand how there'sow not more crashes in the trafficf circles.cile >> i would be okay with be okit eliminating all traffic circlesl across the country.sshe c >> they cause a lot of confusi confusion. >> i will say this and i hope my hub is not watching.ot w they do drive pretty well inyell texas actually.ctuay they drive well.el they're pretty good drivers. dr. he always claims they're better' and i always say no. but just to, you know, argue. but we were there. tre i think they teach them.he they get over.thet o they let the -- >> controversial. contr >> pick up trucks down there.doe >> which car owners are like the worst drivers? i have one in i particular.paic >> really? >> that you see all the time.e l >> oh, my gosh. gos >> i have one,, >> you have one, too.e one, >> we should do twitter thing on because i have one and my photographer used to -- he toldl me every time he saw that carhat the driver was an insane driveri and the person driving was how i de
9:33 am
>> twitter on fox5 d.c. for youy morning commute.. >> erin says tweet me yourou personal problem -- i meanean traffic. af i have enough of my own proble problems. i can help you with any of themw >> she's here for you.e fou >> we start early at 5:00 o'clock.00 o >> she does great job at it.t ji >> steve, thanks, erin. hopefully no problems whensw it comes to the rain out there e there is 91 this morning. 91 thr per fact driving conditions, dvg tuck, if you have a convertiblee take the top down and enjoy it.y >> you got that right, steve it, got friend and she's admitly she tells me she's she's a badhe driver. at tl you? she tell you? she lives locally. she says i'm a terrible driver.i you know, i admire that. >> admit it is l half the t battle. >> own it and try harder. it an >> 75 now in washington.hito 74 annapolis. these temperatures are comfortable. yeah, i know, i can't believe't i'm saying that either they're e actually comfortable out here. h 69 in hagerstown.stn numbers haven't bunch add wholeb lot. the reason for the comfortableob
9:34 am
falling off big time in the lass couple of hours, we're lookingrl at a really really pleasant day. 63 the current dew point inoi i washington.wa remember yesterday another thise hour, we were looking at these t in the 70s not the case think morning. mo 61 the current dew point up in i gatorring burg. 55 in hagerstown and comer land. winchester got dew points in the 50's that is a great sign of ano dry air mass for this time of te year and with winds out of the t north and north and west atd wet about 10 to 15, it's going to be very very pleasant very quiet qt afternoon daytime highs a few fw degrees below normal and with sunshine and those breezes out of the north and west we are not looking at any storm activity. y quiet storm tracker radar r nothing happening locally.enloc. we're going to be featuringing o quiet conditions and again goodd looking evening tonight. should be very very clear and veryndy pleasant overnight.ig tomorrow looks fantastic.ow looc we will start to heat. things u by the end of the week and i a think our next chance for f thunderstorm will arrive by aiv friday afternoon but next couplo of days this is what we lookook forward to all year long withg dry conditions and very pleasant -
9:35 am
morning seems to be pleasant.eml there you go. seven day forecast 84 today.4. great tonight. 85 tomorrow. tom as we get into friday could be b storm in the forecast.orin the s most of your holiday weekend,eek quick look here.lo her friday, saturday, sunday, mondan should be rain free.e we are concerned we'll get we'lt thunderstorm activity on mondayn but at least no extremeoxt temperatures this weekend.his wd and right now the beaches look k good. good. i'll set up a beach forecast for tomorrow morning.or that is look at a beautifultul forecast. fore steve, i'll toss it back over te you. >> tuck, come over here we haveh job for in you just minute.ust a little bit of rain impactedd the nats game but didn't have an impact on the end result.ul he made his debut last night.tng what great start he got off.otff gave up one hit in fourur scoreless innings.nngs but then the rains came and the downpour ended his night early. nats eventually won five to nothing bryce harper with two run homerun.rumeru washington now in the middle ofd a long home stand facing toughgu national league rivals thisgu
9:36 am
the team though giving fans fewn more reasons to spend a night at the ballpark.thk. we like to give you the previewi what you can expect when you gey here. here with the details on the n t give aways christine friend theh vice-president of brand marke marketing. how are you.w >> great. how are you. >> tough night at the ballpark with the rain.wi the >> it was a long rain delay butb we got through it. it >> got through it and got theghh job done, got within.hin. >> absolutely. >> always exciting to the home stand but when it falls over a a holiday it makes it more i exciting as well you're loadinga the fans with up with all kinds of goodies.of goodies. >> we have lots to talk about. >> do this day by day. make it easier.ket easie game tonight 7:05 start. >> it is college rivalry night. so we're so excited to host uva and virginia tech with specialpi ticket you get one of these oths cups. the cups are study. >> they're actually nice. ne >> team color, the school colors as well as sturdy great cups.atc you can get a special ticket and then lots of fun entertainmentee can't miss it tonight. good use yourup
9:37 am
i'm guessing ryan zimmerman wilr go with the uva cup of course. s >> yes, he is. is. makes sense.en that's tonight and then tomorrow, tomorrow is thursday.a thursday is ladies night. n it is our ninth annual ladiess night. >> this is all always big draw.d it's actually sold out for thoso that actually got ticket early. >> game sold out ladies night.ig ladies night is sold out. it is pre-game ceremony.. you get this lots and fun entertainment kelly from fresh fm, dj fashion show,, great food and beverage. bever fun time.n tim >> so that part is sold o >> that part is sold out. o >> this year heads up for folksp who want to book early nextt year. ye >> exactly book early next year and attend tomorrow night's ga game. so purchase a ticket.. >> tomorrow is thursday and the friday, friday earlier start,era right, 6:00 o'clock.o'clock. >> yes. >> why is that. >> fireworks. >> so we have our fireworksks display post game and that ishai presented by associated builders
9:38 am
so we'll have a post game patriotic theme firework displas and pre-game we have a specialpl presentation by the u.s. navy ceremonial guard and drill teamm >> now we got the weekend wee underway get to saturday and sar what are we doing saturday.atda >> rat pack night.k that is our big >> special model bringing in a poster you'll debt for rat packk night because it's our rat packk member tucker you don't get to keep tucker bub you get the cool poster.os >> dreams come i saw this promo last what more could you want thanha this poster.thte >> she's guys look sharp. >> don't they look sharp. >> all looking so handsome. >> what is brat pack night. >> rat pack night. >> it's rat pack night. >> tucker is involved it becomec brat pack.brat >> exactly.xaly. '60s themed throw back event. the first 25,000 fans willns wil actually get this poster and wew also have a golden ticket giveit away so 100 lucky fans will wil actually get a golden ticket inc
9:39 am
four of these lovely guys.el >> that's cool.>> the other job we have for you y you have to model the get to work on that. tha christine we have a couple havee mr. days to get to real quick.ui bobble head this is will be ons sunday.nday >> y herbert hoover bobble headl give away presented by the whiti house historical association. first 25,000 fans will get herbr >> we love everything priceing harper in this town and we havev the chia pet.. >> exactly last year it wasas jason worth. worth this year it's price harper grab the bobble head first 20,000 fans will get this. t you put little concoction off chia seeds together and grow it and you get --et >> we did last year with jaysono werth. tomorrow is the last day to votv for all stars and of course yous said vote buffalo.. for wilson ramos he is on fire this year.this y second in the league in batting. folks can pick up a few of thest in the ballpark.k >> especial until if you're in section 109 you'll be featured.d >> i saw people wearing thise wi last night in the stands.ta >> we just need to you get model one mo
9:40 am
>> we could play beer pong. >> pitt on your head.itt on you. i don't know how to fasten itfan christina will help you were itw that. hold it up.hold it u >> there you go. >> ramos. >> thanks.>> thanks. >> and there you go. >> new national spokes modelat tucker barnes. well done.iowell thanks christine.hristi >> thank you see you at the ballpark. y we'll be thereba friday night fr fireworks night. it will be lot of fun.l lot back over to you guys.s >> i liket. still ahead in the fox beat kevin learns a story behind thed l in samuel l. jackson plus he'' got a little name game for usams it's 9:40 right now. n we'll be right keep it here to good day d.c.ay.
9:41 am
9:42 am
♪ they go ooh ooh. hey! ♪ ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ yeah. ♪ ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down.
9:43 am
♪ oh, i'm samantha jackson.ks >> ted. how are you?how arou >> good to meet you.ou >> wait, wait, wait.ait, what's your middle name? name? >> lesley. lley >> oh, my god. you're sam l. jackson. >> just like sam element jacks jackson. >> who is that. >> have you ever seen any movie ever. .e's the black guyer (laughter). >> all right.ig thaws chris smith's idea to bump in with that. tha that's hilarious.ilio we're talking about samuel l. l jackson here. here >> fun know but also true given the statistics you gave us u earlier. >> interesting.nteresng. samuel l. jackson is now the t second his movies have grossed d second highest box office oic
9:44 am
like 4.6 -- 4 >> who is number one harrisonari ford just passed him in january. both over $4.6 billion how muchm they're movies have made so farf i had the honor of interviewingi sam jackson over the years myy favorite actor in pulp fiction.n >> you're on a sam >> you don't use the l. >> everyone calls him sam.. >> that's for >> more formal.>> mor >> i always wanted to know why kept the element in his name.him why in the just samuel jackson.n i figured there was some kind o union thing.union th i guess when you join the union you can't have the same nameou e another actor that's why michaec b. jordan is michael b. jordan because michael jordan madeordae space jam.spja i spoke to sam jackson why heksy has that l in his name. n when we get back to this i havee a fun little quiz game for all r four of you.four >> all right.>> allht. >> okay.>> >> quiz she. >> your name officer obviously v samuel l. jackson i'm curious co why you kept the l when you whey first started.t arte >> that's union thing.ion thi you know. you know. that was already a samuel a same jackson that was sam jackson,ks sammy jackson
9:45 am
there was samuel something elsei jackson.. actually -- i actually entertained the idea of changinc my name totally to -- >> to what. wha >> something that sounded actorr my grandparents name wasndpants montgomery.gome i almost changed my name isame i jackson montgomery because it sounded so actor row.ctor row >> that's really cool.ha you should do that one day. stephen king. king. >> i might fine a character ande ask them if i can change his his name to that. >> jackson montgomery.ontg >> yes. >> so the interesting thing about that he was going too possibly use the more actor act rename jackson montgomery.tgomy. now, he went with his real name samuel l jackson but plenty of f actors gone the fake name routee >> sure. because they don't think their name sounds cool enough for not an actor name i'll go through 11 names here.mes h i want to see if you can telll me -- i'll give you their actual birth name. name tell me their actor's name.e. >> okay.>>y. >> the first one, catherineri hudson.. >> you did this >> you toll us.
9:46 am
>> we have oh to recuseo recu ourselves.el >> who do you think it is. >> katie hudson.. >> katie perry.. >> katie perry. >> that is right her name is katie -- catherine hudson shesos doesn't want to be confused witw kate hudson. hso >> that's understandable.t's uns a little harder.ttle >> okay. >> the actual name is michael douglas.las >> michael >> real person. perso >> and it's not michael douglasl the actor obviously.bvio >> no michael douglas the actora is his real name. n this person is -- his name is i michael douglas in real life. lf what's his actors name. >> give us a hint. give us a hin >> these are hard.>> >> he played batman. >> what? what >> ben affleck.leck >> no. >> mike. mik >> mike -- uming. m >> the other mik >> michael keaton. keaton. >> there you go. >> that's awesome.. >> let's roll through them. >> dimitri ya gines. ya gines >> no clue. no. >> no idea. >> in strip tease.. >> demi moore. moore here we w. this one is great. eric marilyn bishop. >> i used to know this.. >> give us a hint. h >> very famous
9:47 am
award for playing ray. >> come on. >> jamie foxx. fox >> there you go.. >> nicholas coppola. >> nick cage. c >> nick cage that is roll known. mark sinclair vincent. >> vin diesel. dl. >> erin got that. >> vin diesel. dl >> all right. here we go. g i will give someone $20 if you2o can guess this. maurice joseph mickle white? >> what? >> mick jagger. >> mo nick mickle white. >> he was in -- come on. >> what was he in. >> very famous british actor.ct. >> michael cane. ce >> michael caine. mic cai chris, one mor >> hur row up, kev. >> last one karen elaine johns johnson. >> whoopi goldberg. >> carlos estevez. >> charlie sheen. sen >> i think karen elaine johnsonn my favorite one whoopi goldbergr >> what would you change your name to, think about it.ut i >> i don't know. i't k probably bru
9:48 am
i love the name bruce. >> great >> that's taken you got to comet up with something that hasn'ttht been taken.. >> bruce w kill list. lis >> there we go. >> bruce mc willis. ws >> that's a good one. >> 9:48. right now coming up for lots ofo people independence day off course means killing out this ks morning we'll share some july 4th food safety advicetydv right from the experts that'sxps coming up next.ming up ne stay with us. >> eric marlon bishop. jamie foxx. so crazy.
9:49 am
9:50 am
in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's recipe made with real simple ingredients. and no artificial flavors or preservatives. real country fresh taste from real ingredients. welcome to crock country.
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♪ >> well this time of the year, and a lot of times you associatt the fourth of july with grillinn out so you you better get thoseo grills fired up. fourth of july holiday less that four days away.four daway >> but do you know how too you w protect yourself and your family from food poisonin poisoning ano food-borne illness. our next geoff says there are four easy steps you can take tok make sure you have a fun and safe fourth of july steve. st >> kind of like the maureen, hey, barbecue but don't >> indeed. there are four important stepste you have to take. we'll learn them right now andyw helping us out this morning isni christina bow with the p
9:52 am
affairs specialist food safety education at food safety and inspection services. ser let people know you meanop knowo business here today.sse to >> yes. >> err talking about four stepsa what is the first one you havetn to focus on before you start.. >> our four steps are clean,le, separate, cook and chill. >> our first step clean is all s about washing your hands and hds keeping your surfaces >> okay. let's say you're out at a picnic like we are today. today. bring some hand sanitizer. bring some sanitizing wipes to o wipe down those surface where ie you start anything make sure yoy wash your hands with warm waterr and soap for at least 20 2 seconds. that's before and after handling that raw meat and poultry you'ru getting ready for the grill. gri >> i know we're talking handlinn raw meat and poultry but you but shall watch your fruits, too,r shouldn't you.should >> you have definitely washesniw your fruits and vegetablesit especially if you plan to peel e them like these can lope and watermelon even if you cut themt that bacteria can get into the i center when you cut it so mack m sure you run it under runningng
9:53 am
>> all right. we've cleaned it. we've got to cook itwe n >> we're going to separate next. >> see aim already missing. alrm we got to separate.we go separae my goodness, okay. >> separate is all about avoi avoiding cross contamination. cross couldn't nam nation n happens when your raw meat ort poultry touches ready to eat foods like fruits or vegetablese or cooked food.d we recommend having two separatr cutting boards.rds one for produce and one for raww meat.meat. also, use different i wasnt i telling 10 sills and plates fors raw meat and poultry and cook ac food. >> these are lessons we've learn as we've gone you shall kind of separate youru meats from vegetables avoid that cross contamination.. >> definitely.ef but this is always a good reminder, too.. >> absolutely. especially when you're outdoors and you might forget those samee rules apply.pply. >> yup. and now it's time to cook. coo >> we have some burgers andurgea hotdogs on the grill. gri you have to remember that youu can't see bacteria on your foodf so the only way to know thatw t it's safe to eat is to use a a food thermometer.omer >> see a lot of people i don'tpt think have food thermometer.herm >> a l
9:54 am
>> a lot of people eye ball at a your local grocery store andryte relatively inexpensive and we recommend this simple premedicaa grilling like a pro this fourth of july.a jul. so p is the first step, place p the thermometer in the thickest part of the meat.part >> okay. r read the temperature.. your burgers should be cooked to 160 degrees.160 all of your p.m. tree should beo cooked to 165 degrees.eges >> okay. >> all of your beef and porkf ap should be cooked to 145 degreess with a three minute rest time. the last step is o off the gri grill. once it reaches safe i temperature, put it on a cleante plate.ple. not one that held raw meat aga again. >> right. right. okay. >> and then our last step chilli so that's all about keeping keei foods at a safe temperature. if you're serving some potato salad, mack crone knee salad,al you want to make sure to put itp in a small dish and serve it ini a bed of ice.. that way it stays cold because food -- perishable food only oy lasts two hours at rooms atoo
9:55 am
testimony cher is aboveve 90 degrees, then it only lastsys one hour. h. so keep it safe by putting it oi beds of ice. of ice you can also keep your hot foodo hot by putting it on the side of the grill but not right over the charcoal so it doesn't overve cook. >> what is the most common issus that you see in this time ofef year. year. people want to be outside, want to enjoy your grill. g is there one common mistake youa see officer and over again thatt can really help avoid peopleid p getting sick?gettg si >> it's probably just leavingvig food out for too long.ooon >> yes. >> a will the of think that foof can be left out all day. all day i know i had --ow had >> don't invite me to your cooko out. >> it had crazy aunt every hourh she would mick up her potato salad to keep it >> he wall though in crazy aunta don't do that.n't >> put it on beds of ice and pua the rest in the cooler or o refrigerator to keep it >> all right. you've got the four tools this t is for your fourth of july cookc out or any cook out you're you'r having.. be safe, eat well and it will bb all goo >> we want to see grilling li
9:56 am
a pro this weekend. so post a picture of yourself with food thermometer with thei hash tag grilling like a pro. p >> my goodness -- >> we'll be able to retweet it.e we should do one today.ay >> quickly one last thing. o wash your meat or don't wash your meat. mea >> don't wash your meat it getsg bacteria all over your sing and kitchen.n grilling like a pro is the onlys way to kill that bacteria.acri >> we'll send it back in to you. >> i'm ready to eat burgers likl a pro, mo. m even if those have been on thatt grill for four hours let's get them in here.. >> little ketchup.ite k >> still ahead at 10:00 o'clockk you love raheem duvon he'se' teaming up with wes felton andnd they're taking it back to the beginning with the cross rhodeso we have a live performance we'ln share with you coming up you ene don't want to miss the surprises holly has in store for the top t of the 10a.he >> first though it's coffee timt on good day if you want one ofne the cool coffee mugs it'sgst' perfect cup for the great dunkin' donuts coffee.nufe head to orte our
9:57 am
mug contest. one lucky winner selected bytedy random you have until 11 a.m. to enter.ente it's now 9:57. the 10a is next. next.
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10:00 am
10a all over the trending stories this wednesday morning. >> w someone cloning your facebi profile? what? beyonce''s mom collapse back the social mediald haters.. the president takes on drake's d one dance.. >> ladies don't leave us nouse.e it's a dye nam nick duo raheem h duvon and wes felton together tt the cross rhodes.hode a don't miss >> plus another must see momentm who you going to call? ghost
10:01 am
busters.buster oh holly where did you go? i'mm right here.ghter find out as the 10a starts righh now.. ♪ where did i go? when you can come to work in this ride you'ru not missing out on the opportunity.oppo talk about good day d.c. here i am. a you know everybody got to have a backup plan. i figure ghost buster might beri my next job after co-host of thh did good day d.c.ay d. right. take look at this.. the he can tow one in the fox5 x d.c. parking lot.ot is that not awesome? aso >> oh, my gosh.>> o my listen, here's what is evens greater. this could be your own good dayd because courtesy of lyft this friday and saturday that is july 1st and 2nd you too can c ride in ekto-one it will be one of the options when you go signn up for lyft, you just look foror
10:02 am
that, then this baby might rollr into your hood and take your ad wherever was and the to go. to g any way i ain't afraid of no ghost. gh maybe one are two. t i hear they're might be few inei here.he nonetheless, we are having ae a whole lot of fun anticipation of the ghost buster's sequel thatut will be coming out and you know what, i'm not afraid of any ghosts because i got these guys and gals here. this is charm city ghost buste busters. ya'll -- we have few things wevs need to tear take care of in tht loft. do you think you can do it. >> sure.hi >> let's walk with purpose thisr way, go,po go, go.. let's see what kind of activityv we find. find. all right. tell me a little bit aboutbo yourselves.your >> i'm grant, i'm one of headsea of the group we've been togetheh about year.. everyone has their own equipment.ui we do any conventions, charity i work, anywhere that will taket t us. >> okay. so what is it about ghostuthost busters, i mean everybody hasyby their thing. thing for you all this is clearly youu thing. >> i mean it's a perfecter american movie.ovie it's
10:03 am
captured all of our imaginations back in the '80. >> get those three. three >> of course our biggest ghostst busting fan is kevin here.evin >> this is the coolest thingsthi ever because these actuallyctll work. holly, if you can mike up his hs proton pack. pack. >> listen to this. >> you hear the sun effects.ff >> that is cool. wait. where is the catcher? rememberr this from the first film? st fi? that's amazing. >> be careful. you three might be going ine g there.ther >> listen, are you guys excitedc about the sequel coming out? >> tollly. >> yeah. it's been a long time and welont grew up with these movies we'ree excited to see a new generationt get into ghost busters. busrs. >> there's been lot of hate's b thrown this way for the ghostst busters. what do you guys think?hink? >> i mean, it's upsetting, i'mt, not asking you.not aski i'm asking this woman what you think. >> i think it's sometim time toe girl ghost buster. bus >> round of applause.
10:04 am
>> you don't think it's rei disrespect with the first one o being the original.g >> not at all much it's a newl i generation we need to give eigh chance.. >> more avenue good thing,av right? >> more avenue good thing. t all >> anybody else. >> he's showing me his littleisl secret weapon. >> sound mazing. (laughter).(lau >> oh, my gosh.>> o >> on that note --e >> wait.>> w >> holly, these proton packs pac weigh 30 pounds. they're actual actual legit l proton packs.acks >> you are definitely packing, and more, too.oo i like it.t. >> there's the charm city ghost buster logo. it's pretty awesome.ttesom you're too much're too u thank you so much.n. >> the movie opensth july 15th.. >> blessing our lost.ur l at least i hope did you that.out >> take all bad things with youu >> i need one of those costumesu for halloween this year.his y >> a lot of ghost busters busrs costumes on the way. w >> we have vehicle envy afternv that entrance much thanks for tk coming in.comi great stuff.t thanks for staying with us fornu the 10a.the a. i'm steve alongside erin,
10:05 am
maureen and i think this isthint holly. >> i think so. so. >> wisdom is off. but it should be great. gat >> i'm playing the role of pla wisdom martin martin to >> you got to throw some hate, too.. >> in memory of him. we love you, wis.. >> let us know if you end up end getting that car if you do the car service and that rolls uprou let us know take a picture and e zen it to us.n it to u let's check what's trending innd the meantime. >> first up a warning for the billions of you with facebookk accounts new exam will have youu thinking twice before you accepf a friend request. reque it involves someone stealingve your facebook pics ture and allf your public information create c agnew profile and even connecting with your friends. it happened to one montgomeryonm county man luckily his friends n told him about the fake profilei right away. cyber security expert says she's profile loners are out to steal your money and even yournd e identity. so that's scary. >> it's like nothing is safe.saf >> no. >> nothing is safe. nothi is i guess really you just have toe stay on top of you know what i mean. wt i >> i find myself weaning back more and more from social mediam ofcause of these concerns.e he is special dollar with myeci
10:06 am
post stuff with her now i don'tn you never know any more.ore. maybe i'm being too sense seiven it is a concern you now thinku t about when you're doing something that used to be >> you don't want to accept aep request from people you don'te d know. >> i used to know.sed tono mine was blanket.. >> especially in this business i feel like you have a bigger pagp a little bit more accessible. definitely reconsider some of the things that we share there. >> from facebook clone to facebook inspiration. the social media site will soon off up ideas for things to do in 10us cities including d.c. d. so basically, if you're borede b social media will help. h facebook says the goal is to is help users stay informed aboutrd what is going on no matter wherw they are. the categories will include ilu everything from family events, community and entertainment. other cities taking part asideta from d.c. include, chicago, dallas, new york and los angeles and i love that because it getsg you out of the house and meetine the people on social mode ya. >> sometimes you just don't evet know what's going on, though, ii your own area and you hear about
10:07 am
man, if only i would have knownk i would have gone.i wohave spes early when you're new to a city. >> that's right. t caitlin jenner will be on ther b front of sports illustratedustrd magazine some 40 years after shr was on the cover as bruce jenner.jenn there's the new cover.e' jenner posing with the gold gol medal that she won in thehe decathlon in the 1976 summerme olympics that was the montreal a games. there you see that on the rightg now according to si it's the first time that she has had thad medal around her neck in 40 years. >> hard to bieve >> jenner -- it is hard tos ha t believe. beli jenner's story appears in theppn july 4th edition of sportsf srts illustrated.ed >> can i just ask did she not s think she didn't want to be t b associated with the medal andedd didn't want to wear it? i want wonder what made her change here mind? i thought i read she wase vehement about that in months it past. >> might have something to dos with the the p >> but you're right. she wanted no association withow bruce now caitlin -- bruce won thehe medal not caitlin so it is kind of interesting.nteresting >> i'm curious to what she sayss in the article about what made a her change her mind.erind. >> now i see why. nee w why this all is happening.
10:08 am
>> you can see clearly now the t rain is is go >> in more ways than one. o >> there's a song in there. britain's exit from the european union responded for interestings responses. the former mayor of london and lead campaigner one angry votedv up loaded johnson's speechpe following the vote to the adultu website porn hub with a title t that says it all. dumb blond blanks 50 millions 5i people at once. onc we clearly have blurred therred naughty word there but you canhb probably guess what it is. after david cameron nounsed hiss upcoming resignation johnson is tip to be the favorite to becomb prime minister but clearly somem folks are not excited about that possibility.ssiby well, wimbledon just beganut on monday, and already severalel female tennis players are in the spotlight.ligh unfortunately, it's not forely, their play.thei it's for their app this is a dress in question.ueio it was designed for some of thef 20 female players nike sponsorsr and tailored in white in accordance with wimbledon
10:09 am
dress code but several players e say the best isn't built to t withstand performance and theire complaining it flies up and reveals just a little too much.. one nike athlete full rebelled e against the choice. she chose a stop an skirttop s instead of the one piece telling reporters she quote didn't feel comfortable showing that much. >> did she win? do we know?we >> right. i don't know. >> i don't know if the outfit tt helped or not.r no. >> it's interesting to me i -- i would have thought that maybet m they would get it in enough timh they weren't just playing in iti for the first time at wimbledon. >> played a practice match. math i also didn't realize that theye usually are only sent one opti option. i know a lot of times they wear i on tournament but i thoughtbe they would would be given couple options from thm sponsors and choose the one. >> especially you would thinknk the sponsors nike in this casess want that to get out there too sell
10:10 am
move product and see peopleeo wearing if they have troubleub with it and it gets negative publicity will that move your product.oduct >> you would think they'll have the players test the uniform. >> roger federer and just make your own.your own wear your own label.n la it works every time. >> there you have it. tre you hv one of the most memorablet a parts of cleveland cavalierslanl championship was the victoryhety parade that happen after the win. wi waving to fans as they rollednsy through the city streets.tree many of guys were not wearing wi any uniform at all. a in fact they were shirt less tht choice to kick it cave man style drew a lot of attention even e president obama chimed in on iti take listen. >> when you come here put on aua shirt. >> i will.ill. i definitely will.i de >> you can't walk around without shirt. >> okay, i definitely will.el w >> how did jr smith respond to that statement from therom the president. pres in the most epic way, possible.. yes, it is is a a* shirt lesst s t-shirt. so now if you really want to be jr smith, you can actually getul your own jr smith bear chested
10:11 am
t-shirt it is offered throughedu cleveland based fresh brewedre teas and collaboration with jrtr smith. >> that's hail layers i didn'thl say. l >> his at a timed up chest in the form of t-shirtit. >> all right.ight. it's slightly disturbing foi some reason.easo i don't know why.don'know >> yes, it is. i okay. okay >> still ahead at 10 good day0 d that cross rhodes? yes, twos, o d.c. music stars teaming up tonp give us brand new music. singers raheem duvon and wes felton they'll join us live.n l >> first, though, beyonce''s mom collapse back. back. the tom and taylor tour tou continues plus call out on the n red carpe one popular actress is slamming designers. why? dish. we're serving it up next.
10:12 am
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♪ oh yeah we're still in the ghost busters mood this morning at 10:14.od time to check the good day celebrity dish.y d and first up, ghost busters star lesley jones taking to twittertt on tuesday to call out designere who said no thanks to dressingss her for the movie premier. can you believe the they have been. >> i can't believe that. >> she tweeted it is so funny how there are no designers'tt ss wanting to help me with the premier dress for movie. mov that will change and i rememberr things. fashion designer kristin soriano the season one of the project runway stepped in saying he s would love to
10:15 am
he commented on the topic saying lesley i can't wait to make herh something fabulous to wear. wr i dress and support women of all ages and frustratingly enough, jones' cac star melissa mccarthy told red d book magazine designers weren'tn keen to dress her for oscars why she went ahead and started hertr own clothing line and now n they're all laughing to the bank. >> it would seem like to me likl it would be even betterr publicity.ity. >> absolutely. >> for designer to dress a more regular woman. dgur wo >> yeah. >> for sure. >> than someone that -- >> i think they have like thisyl myopic idea what their designs d should be and who should wear their designs when they find t somebody someone not in that t scale -- >> directly off the runway. >> don't tarnish my brand. there are more woman that look l like lesley than the models on the runway.. >> kudos to soriano cominging >> that's right. t >> up next beyonce''s mom tina septembered her daughter's awara for video of the
10:16 am she had to fly to london afternt her amazing opening number toume make it in time for her london tour date. de. tina was a little off beyonce'ee show was set for tuesday.uesday and millions of social trollstrs attacked both tina and bee johnh san accused of her of lying forr her daughter.aughter. well tina took to instagram page to shut the haters down and and explain she misspoke and was not lying for her daughter who workr so hard for all of her fans and dancers.s tina explained beyonce''s bet performance was so important tot beyonce' she was willing to havv only one day of rehearsal for fr her show despite a month off. >> yeah. >> i can see my mom or any mom making that >> show had to leave and her mom stepped in.stepped in >> she open the show and wasn'ts supposed to be there. what more do you people want.e n >> her mom was super excited too accept >> she always want more.nt mor >> i don't like that. >> my new best friend.ri tell us about him.out hi >> mr. calvin harris.ris. >> he nearly ripped off the dood of his car trying to get away ga from the paparazzi outside ofdeo his la g
10:17 am
the 32-year-old hello dj and producer took to twitter totto apologize after cameras caught the whole thing on video. he said quote i got mad as helll at a paparazzi today. i'm sorry you did make me backk into a wall but i know you'rewoe just doing your job and i i apologize.. apparently the dj went off on the photog who's were waitingtig for him blaming them for jacking up his ride. rid seems like he's got lot on his h plate lately. >> better t on calvin harris. hr i was expecting him to bring brg another tay tay smack down. >> emotions are running highe ru much he's getting stalked by b paparazzi.zz >> i straddle the fence when ite comes to the paparazzi and the stars leave me alone because bse they want to be stars. so you kind of want the covera coverage. >> they explain when they get the coverage. if it doesn't go their way. n' they want it t w in moderation. >> yeah. >> okay now for the latest installment of reality showty sw drama as the tailor
10:18 am
turns. >> i like that.. this fake hot couple touched t down fake being my word i'm i adding that touched down in rome to flaunt their relationshipns days after visiting the uk tog k meet up with tom's mom. mom. they looked especially in lovee as they held hands, goo chi, goo chi, goo slowing kisses duringwi dinner. >> pda, what yes. pda, what yes >> in rome or wherever the heckc they are.they it look like tom's mom is just obsesobsessed with swift as ther of us. some of us.some o a source close to the family and mrs. hit tell son can't stopan's gushing about the pop tar untill they break up.. she'll be like sweat be gone.ben >> why does no one believe this relationship is real.ea >> i bet 75% they get married. d >> where are your rose coloredor glasses. >> i believe in love.ieve i'm a dreamer.reamer i what happened her to find thaf everlasting love.g lo >> give her time. give she has to go through like 20 l >> but wait. if not she has another blanklank page. >> thank you.>> t >> can we please make a bet so when
10:19 am
say maureen, thank you. >> maureen sour. s >> i'll get give you lunchge anywhere yout want to go if tht get married. >> like i need more food.i need i want money.i wa mon >> i think they really like eacc other lot right now. okay. okay >> i know what they like a lot. >> singer adele proved that sheh can really belt out when it comes to singing.inng that's fair to say. understatement. year at concert in he know landn last weekend she proved she cane curse with the best of them, t too. >> i'm not surprised. she's a real woman. adele reportedly cursed more than 30 times by performing atra the festival.e fva according to time magazine she wore while speaking to the crowd and whenever she messed up a a song most fans didn't mind theih swearing though.swea many tweeted like the singer sie even more after hearing hereari swear although there were a feww who said they preferred theird t adele to be a tad more pg.. >> well i mean it is an acquired language.uage speak it slowly a
10:20 am
don't. >> in that accent i'm sure the t words sounded extra. >> after the show we are getting promod.od. >> little lady gaga news for for you. she's no longer allowed in chinn and her music is banned this comes after she met with thet wh dalai lama on sunday inn indianapolis during their 20 minute meeting they talked about meditation, mental health and how to detox if i humanity.. they consider the dalai lama a separatist plotting to split s tibet from china in order to orr crow 88 a religious guilty government.government guilt by association.t by a finally though president obamade may be taking views from the six with drake thanks to a video. check the out.. >> i love you back. ♪
10:21 am
>> who did this? this is great. >> okay. >> the master minds of youtube e helped create this differents spin on the song one dance.ce >> i like it. >> kudos goes to the people whoo edit it, find that, put it altogether.altogeer >> hours of speeches to try toer find that one perfect word.d. >> >> congratulations.ations okay. that's it for celebrity dish.rid >> the summer punch that packs p quite the punch.e the punch that segment still ahead as good day serves it up in the 10a ho hour. first though tucker will be bacb with the weather what it has ini store for your holiday get awayy live music coming up for you neck as well. it's 10:21.
10:22 am
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♪ ♪ i got no idea. >> i hope do you.. because we'll ask some questiono coming up to fine out details oo the forecast. real nice look at the cathedral. nice start to the day.tart real pretty out there especiallp the soup we've been in the lastt couple of days with all theal t humidity.dity >> hopefully a little bit nicern now, tuck.uc >> yeah, much, much, much nicerr than yesterday. we couple rounds of severee weather and wet blanket we werew wearing all day long with theith humidity outdoors yesterday.est. absolutely beautiful day. beautiful start to yourte day.. temperatures gradually warmingng up but the good news, not lot oo humidity out there to start youa day. at least when you compare it tor yesterday. 77 now in the city. cit annapolis checking at 77.7. this 76 in fredericksburg north and n
10:25 am
right now of 70 in you know what i'm going to sayh' this. this may be one of our nicest days so far this month. with dew points falling back ank a lot of bright sunshine. sunin here's why it feels so good. g yesterday at this hour these dee point numbers were in the low 70s.70s today much improvement and onced you get the dew points in the low 60s or even in the 50s thata air feels down right great and t that's what you're really goinga to notice. look at the dew point out thehe dulles 57 degrees. 57 gr 61 in gaithersburg.urg 62 here in the city. c dare i say you can open thepen windows later this afternoonis o after the daytime heating isng i over, and it will be a veryer comfortable night. night current winds out of the northn northwest at about five to 10. that is going to deliver a veryv nice afternoon and a dry ary afternoon.ternoon. again i don't think we'll get more than a few passing far weather clouds later thisoudsatt afternoon storm free wednesday.e wednesday night and thursday fof you. you. so if you got plans to be outdoors here the next couple of days, we're in great shape as we got all that heavy rain behind us from last night.last night there's your satellite/radar. high pressure anchored ove
10:26 am
and well, anchored off to thedff north and we.h an deliver nice afternoon and ass mentioned nice couple of daysplf looks likes our next chance forr thunderstorm will arrive fry,ivf second half it friday andf itria scattered storms friday and thee perhaps again as we get into our fourth of july on monday butonda most of the next several days d features dry conditions andons seasonal you can see it gets warmer byar friday and saturday but let's bs worry about today enjoy a gorgeous afternoon.. 84 degrees with very very niceee conditions expected around hereh for the end of june. jun all right.right. guys, that's the weather updatet i'm celebrating early. >> we like that. fair enough.noug >> yup. still ahead on good day, twod do super stars from the dc music scene joining forces coming up raheem duvon friend to our shows and wes felton will join us livi with a sneak peek of their new r collaboration it's call then itl cross s zen 26:00. 26:00. we're back after this.'rck aft ♪
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
♪ we're mixing the micro toneo looking beautiful over here.r did you see that? >> okay. this morning we're learning all about one of the lat west trende erin is hanging out with let's see mia who got all the details our celebrity manicurist.urist. >> that's right.t. and mia cooper tells us two u words, gel and neon for this ths
10:30 am
>> yes. >> gel and neon.>> >> tell me a little bit abouttlb your business in the hot nail ht trends we can't miss.en >> my business is i'm a fashion manicurist an beauty blogger. so on my blog i blog all the latest nail trends. tre >> look at your nails.our >> thank you. >> i love them.>> >> thank you. right now what is out is the whites, the brights and theghtst neons. ne >> so i need a full manicurel me mine are completely naked andnd not shaped. shape so oval in style as well. wel >> almond shape.d spe >> almond shape. >> so the square is out.o >> the square is out unless you're cuticle is shaped squares >> i need to get on the times oe and get my nails all rounded. let's bring in some of your y models and show off the neon the nails as well.nas as well. >> right here we have alexis ans she has on the mermaid neonmaido >> okay. what is that entail? switchings e e different colors?th >> yes. she has on the neon green here h and she has on the neon spectruu foiling and i went in and did the mermaid foils with the mem
10:31 am
>> these are gel as well, corrseect. >> she has on the gel nails asei well. >> how long would it take to doo something like this with gel ana the different colors and adding the different be dazzled pop d right there?? >> this took about 30 minutes. t >> that's not bad at all. >> i can pop in mon on my my m m lunch break and how long willndh that last. >> this will last her for 2.5, three weeks. weeks >> i ned to book an appointment. let's bring your next model in.e we have more trends here. >> sarah, she has on the, myhe, favorite the hot pink. >> i love that color. col >> hot pink. pin that pops. th so how often would you suggest u changing up your nail art? >> she likes hers every week. hw >> every week? >> yes. i like to do mine every week. it fits our she's a celebrity hairstylist aa well. >> you need to be having youravu nails completely polished for pd your clients.your cli >> i love the outfits.thtfits i notice you can mix different d colors black and white with thei pop of color. so nails really accentuateccentu whatever style you're put outtye there. >> exactly. with neons you have to bve
10:32 am
you can't wear red.. can't wear, um, greens you got to stay solid g stay solid and d rock those neon >> um-hmm.m. >> where can people find if you they want to get they are nailse by you for the summer trend. tnd >> i make all private calls tols my clients, and they can go on g to my website nia cooper.comoop. that has all my information. >> if me, holly and maureen wa wanted to get our nails done we could set an appointment and have you come out to the studio. >> yes.>> yes. women at offices could give youf a call and gfiet this nice fashionable nail look.oo >> you said foil. you s what is that? ithat? >> she has foiling much it's basically it's a foil for your nails. it's nail fashion.hi >> after do you the gel you putp it over the top of it. >> after i dot gel -- >> like deco patch for nails. fn >> that's actually very good. >> it lasts 2.5 weeks that'sks t great amount of time to havee tv something like that on theirn nails. >> erin is so young she doesn'tt know what deco page is. is i let it slide.t not really sure. s >> i have a question about thees
10:33 am
gel. do you find it to be drying forg your nails? >> no. >> i feel like i haved the gelhe and take break.ere i suggest taking a break butak t some people like to do a vitamin gel and then go to regular r manicure and just the low we low have grade gel.. >> but it still stays longer. >> it stays like four daysikfo longer.long >> if neon is all the rage and a you're saying you got to bee careful what colors you wear ita with ladies like us we reallyeal can't do the neon -- >> i love that. t >> i never match my toes to mysm nails. is that wrong. >> you can do neon white.. >> that would go with everythine >> right? >> erin brought up a goodoo question. ques should you match your toes andoy your nails or no? >> could i do a bright hot yellow neon pop on my toes ands then maybe something more workoe neutral on my nails?ls? >> absolutely.olut >> we can do that.>> w >> would you do both neon if yo wanted that match.haatch >> yes.>> yes. >> or go mat chi mat chi. >> they both did.hey >> they're matching
10:34 am
>> what should steve be doing. >> i was going to point outas these are pretty g awesome naill models because they have haveec been in position the entire tie time. >> because even when they'rere pointing their toes the handsoeh were on point.. >> doing their nails it was likw don't move.don' >> you wanted them to be onto be point for the segment.. >> nia, seriously for men they should not shirk getting theirhi nails done. it's important to have yourav nails. >> i'm so ashamed over here. >> let me see yours. >> my nails need to be done soil bad.s so >> i do have a question aboutstn removing the gel.he i know you're supposed to soak them off. is it really bad to peel themelt off. >> yes. don't peel it. >> don't bite it. don't peel it.don't peel it. >> i just did that. peeled all them.eledhe >> if you do peel it make sure e you put oil on after. a >> i need that oil fo for my cuticles. the summer is hard on your on nails, the elements and thelemeh beach. >> first she's going to take to care of mine. >> you'll be raising your handsr because we have good musicave gs coming up.ming u >> thank you so much for coming in know y reach out to her ont r her website if you want to
10:35 am
an appointment. my biggest take away almond, alm square is out.s >> i'm stuck in the early 2,00 2,000s.2, >> unless your queue till kells are square. >> i'm trying to figure if minen are. are. >> i definitely need ainel appointment now. >> if you missed the segment the reference will be on the nextone episode of veep.eep. >> music on the way with cross rhodes. ♪
10:36 am
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♪ ♪
10:38 am
point. >> um-hmm. >> our next guests are both fror the dmv and had their own solo music careers rah meme duvon and wes felton merging their musical talents to create a pseudo new group.p next week they'll be premieringn they're new music at thea birchmere. here to perform the singlee "admit it" please welcome the te cross rhodes. take it away. ♪ what's up, dmv? we're here. ♪ >> it's been a long time coming. ♪ ♪
10:39 am
10:40 am
10:41 am
birchmere on the seventh.h. ♪ >> cross loads is singing thesee songs i know you like girl. gir you into towed come to thee birchmere and hear these songsgs oh, yeah. yea >> next week. >> birchmere. cross rhodes. >> july 7th.. >> it will be televised. >> it is hot.ot. (applause).
10:42 am
>> super duper hot. h >> thank you. >> raheem duvon pleasure to sees you again. again >> wes a pleasure to meet you.t. >> absolutely. >> both from the dmv. save to assume you knew each yok other from a music scene and and that's how this collaborationlai lapped. >> we've been doing musiceen g m together for over 15 years. yrs we have two independent albums on i tunes from.rom >> before we knew each other, wh had very similar lives. liv his father was a jazz musician.a my father was a jazz pianist pni named hilton felton. felton. single mothers so even thoughveo our fathers weren't in our homeh per se they were in our lives.. >> right. right >> and so while we even didn'tv' know each other who knew that tt one day -- d- >> it would merge. it wod me >> the cross rhodes. >> the cross rhodes were >> your sounds are individuallyd different than this.dieren we're hearing a loft jazz riffss things reminiscent from otherm o jazz artists we've seen andeen heard before.befoe what was it that made you saye this is the way to go with thish new album to give p
10:43 am
different sound arc different d feel of what you've didn't doing individual and now together. >> the culture and climate of ci the world and music is perfectct time and tone for our frequencyy we care about people.eopl i run a foundation love liveve foundation. big shout out to all our students last night which wech e gave scholarships to.ip two grand a peace. p textbook scholarship fund withdt books and supplies. supplie >> we know you're a good dude. >> you talk about theabouhe foundation, you were doing a loe of major things.orngs. one thing i love about music is that it tran sends and that's one thing that touches everyone. >> no doubt. >> it doesn't matter wamu si cai taste you have. the feeling, emotions are all al the same exactly. ely. >> who are you targeting with ye this new album this new project? >> well to be quite honest we're trying to revert back to the wae it used to be where parentsar introduced to their kids the the culture and art they want to to celebrate and they want to wt t now, we live in time where now w days, you got parents dum
10:44 am
themselves down in order to be d cooler with their kids.eirids. so we wanted to make somethinget as fathers and also as, youou know, black men who feel at thit time we need diversity celebrated and shown amongst usu and so rather than us being b combative or competing against a each other, we want to show people look this is what happens when two brothers get together,, two brothers that are veryt are different, you know, personallyo but when you have that same moral compass and thathat foundation that set we're direcc decedents.cedents. civil rights movement.ghts mov so it's only right that thet t music that we make is not onlyny pleasing to the ears it's also pleasing to the soul and thel ah mind and the body for everyone.y we trying to help save the kidsd out here.t he >> i believe you are. ielie you're doing it with the musical performances at the beachhe b mirror. >> we're at the birchmere bir performing on july 7th. get your tickets. >> yes, please.>> >> it will be a great show. 7:30.. >> shouts to everyone that camem out last ironically w
10:45 am
ma'am has breeze them a big shout for well coming up. u >> how can people pick up thep t music. >> that's a tricky question.ueio >> ut-oh. i like that. >> when you pick up -- you pickc up our previous albums, which, are available on i tuneses invitation limited budge,ge limited quality those ared qure available and brand new albumbrl coming out august/september titled food prints on the moon.o listen out for the new single s praying prayers and what's greag about the show on the seventh aa the birchmere is that we're perform all new music. >> oh good.>> oh good. >> cross rhodes that night. >> i want to g rive a shout outo you fellas back here.k h i did not get to you to individually but did you anut ya mazing job. ma you sound are they with you on stage as well. >> definitely. >> worldwide. >> the cross rhodes we just gave you a taste of it dmv.e oft dm you no ted hear more go to the t birchmere go purchase toesurch tickets and see these fellas.e l thank you for what you dodge you guys are are >> thank you dmvg back to youto guys. ys >> i was love the col
10:46 am
>> thanks for coming into loft. 10:45.10:4 coming up next red, white and a booze. booz we're showing you some summermee punches that actually pack p punch. just in time for all of your yr independence day barbeques.ques >> looking forward to this one.s ♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house th 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos.
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>> after good day at 10 let's keep it going at 11:00. i join mow wendy for all thellhe latest dish and your daily doses of juicy, juicy hot topic. topic now how you doin'?? >> i'm about to do a whole lot l better when it comes to this next segment.t last hour we learned how to shape safely prepare food for fd our cook outs this hour we're he learning how to make easy fun holiday punches that are sure tr be a hit at your party. let's go ahead and welcome evan. the owner and beverage directorc of bar smith inn corp. inn c >> good morning to you.ood mo >> good morning.mornin >> cheers! >> thank you cheers! >> yes, yes.>>. we're talking about partyboutar punches and you told mow beforef we came on here that you wereer going to talk even a little bite about the history of punch.un >> yes. well the poured punch isrepunchs actually an indian term.m sand script which actually means five.
10:50 am
the translation of the word five. fi five basic parts to punch starts with alcohol, water, teas orr spices, citrus and sugar.. who knew.wh >> from there it's kind of an open canvass. >> the bar smith puts his littlt twist on it, right.ight. >> yes. >> now you swear we can makeou s those for our holiday parties. >> i swear, yes, my buddy justin told me to go easy on you guys. we'll make that smith you canyoc produce easily at home. >> let's get started.. >> first, we're doing a play on sangria.sanga. san grow ya is a punch that is primarily composed of wine. win. this one we're doing a play on n white base is chardonnay.y a little bit of rum in it.. grand mariner.. but to anybody watching this,g t you can pretty much kind of put whatever you know your favoriter poison is in there.r >> you said chardonnay, grandrad mariner and rum. r >> y it is surprised of lemon juice, pine al pep juice or jusj a mixture of juices.ui and then that's pretty much it.h you can top
10:51 am
sparkling really nice touching.h >> we made homemade sangria at home, we do red.o r. we top it with sparkling water t our trick don't do that until tu right before you swerve it. srvt >> right. >> truly. >> you don't want to pour it in the actual thing it won't be won fizzy any more. all right.. >> cheers!>>heers! >> cheers! >> you want fresh fruit in youri sangria.. >> fresh fruit even overnight oi make the punch even better. >> so what i look for also likel a natural sweetness. sweetne there's little bit of hahn 93 ii there as well or agave nectar is an alternative instead of usingf plane sugar.. >> i'm going to continue toonti drink. you keep talking.keepalking. no. i do agree. i think san grow ya is better if a is you make it the day before andee just kind of let it sit and marinate.marinate >> give 8-day to marinate. >> on the third get it going ana by the fourth it should be party party. >> all right.>> a rig >> next.>> n >> yes. so bourbon punch is a southern staple. it is something that is justt is over the years has been become -- it's c
10:52 am
play. you're seeing it in a lot of baf environment so today i did kindd of a play on one. o the base of it is bourbon, black tea, honey again. a and then i take mi m.d. and let it steep overnight.rnig similar to what you do with thee sangria. sang my twist on this one i actuallyl took some peaches.e peaches. peaches are in season right nowi they're perfect for punches and whatnot. so i grilled them. with a splash of honey on them and threw them on the grill anda voila gives a really great smokey texture compared to the t freshness of the mi m.d. m >> this is what it look likeit k before you pour the punch in. ph put all that goodness in there. >> throw them on the grill and they're ready to go.o >> pour me a fresh one. >> fresh one new york problem. >> yeah. this is the thing about punch,uh too i never know how much punchc to make per person.n like your serving. you know what i'm saying.
10:53 am
i'd say about 2-ounces of that t will be actual alcohol.. >> but so how much -- i mean ho many do you make like if i'm having, i don't know, 10 peoplee over, how many jugs of punch doh i make? mak >> for mow, i usually do about 2 gallons.galls. >> whew! >> hello. >> 2 gallons is a healthy amou amount. (laughter). >> happy birthday america?? >> what?? >> about 2 gallons.allons good 2 gallons.od 2allo >> depending on your party sizes the beauty of it is, you know, k you can just keep adding to itgo and it can get even better.. >> as will the party. party. >> as will the party.will tar >> with these punches. pch >> tell me about bar s. exactly the concept of it.e conf what it is.what >> yes, it's actually a brainy n child of me and my good friend n mark coil i'm from los angeles so it is a cocktail consultinglt service.rv we also do catering for privatee events. people are becoming moreinor particular about their spirits.e instead of having a regularegul catering barten
10:54 am
catering company you know i can hand craft our company handan craft menus for whatever venue,n like we also teach bar classes,s there's so many people now thatw want to learn what bar tens doing. >> that was our question. what's the difference between ae bartender and a bar smith? >> well, i'm very passionatesion about my craft. c i've been in this business nowiw 15 years. had the pleasure of working forn some top people in america. ari i think that, you know, it's my passion that fuels it. ability to just create. on whim and excite people, and p get them out of their norm.or i think is also exciting.. >> yeah. >> curator of sorts. c >> you are the bartender thathed when you go and you go just makm me something.etng i like this. t make me something. >> that is bar smith g dealers e choice. here's what i want to do.. sushi's straw it hasn't beentn' used yet. us i'll put it in here. he >> we could not resis. >> i have a question for you.a f since you're a bar smith andmita you've seen little bit of whatlt we do here, what would be a good
10:55 am
craft for our good day party. >> enjoy! >> go on the lines of a spritz spritzer. like an apple spritzer, light, refreshing, effervescent. i think especially during the morning hours or going into thei mid afternoon i think it's justt enough.engh >> hello. >> sangria could be, you know, , that can be our signature drinki >> it could be. we need a signature drink. rink. good day d.c. i think you're on to something.g >> did we tell you veep gave us a shout out. out >> i've got one. one >> i want that.>> i >> oh, my gosh. >> whoo!>> wo! >> i'm a believer. >> thank you. >> i'm a believer. >> thank you, thank you. >> amen.>> an >> all right. so everyone is loving today,oday tucker. it's the picture perfect day. >> absolutely.>> with daytime highs low to midid 80s and not much in the way of humidity it feels so much bettee than yterday hey, we're storm free thisehi afternoon there's live shot.ivet you can see the quiet conditioni out there. how about that for next couplet of day
10:56 am
today, tonight, tomorrow lookk fantastic.ntas we'll heat it up by friday withh a storm back in the forecastther most of our holiday weekend if d you'll be out on the deck havinv drink. >> i'll be canoeing somewhere. >> you know what really packs aa punch.punc >> what's that. >> after you drink the drink,, eating the fruit. fru >> drink the drink eating the fruit. >> with your presentation youyo might have convinced a wisdom wm martin had he been here to her t actually try one of these drinks.drks >> maybe. >> playing the role of wisdom martin i will drinhek up. >> bottoms up to you. >> did you mention how people pe could find you? >> yes. yes on instagram my handle is at the bar smith. sth my website is smith >> and even the red, white and a blue straws to nicely complemenn the punch.nch. >> happy birthday, america. >> god i love this country. cout >> look at tucker. t is he not drinking. >> thanks for coming in we'll work on our secretre cocktail for the show. s have a great day today.
10:57 am
tomorrow morning. >> double fisted. >> cheers!
10:58 am
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ wild cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: thank you for watching our show! say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. [ wild cheers and applause ] how you doin'? >> how you doin'? >> wendy: i'm


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